TeamBonding has been creating and facilitating custom scavenger and treasure hunts since the early 80's

We invented the limousine scavenger hunt!  

Many would say that we created the limousine scavenger hunt back in the early '80's but that not quite true.  The Limousine Scavenger Hunt had been around before we started to do them but at the end of these events, the local police would often be there to collect the stolen bar stools and other items and arrest the participants.  We knew we could do better so we added Poloroid cameras to the hunt and created a worldwide sensation, until the technology changed.  We changed with it and offered the same hunt using digital cameras with a much better presentation at the end and we continued to run hundreds of these events as team building and social outings, then it changed, again.   We have been on the forefront of of the Scavenger Hunt app and the hi-tech hunt and we have continued to facilitate these events for the biggest and best companies as team building events, then it changed again.

We're Leading the way, again!

Our DIY Mobile Adventures App is a fully interactive team building activity that provides you with a unique and interesting way to explore a location and play as a team.  

Our Mobile Adventures website is designed to offer you and your team a lower cost way to do these events, yourselves.  With easy-to use technology, we'll have your teams working together to answer interactive questions, take photos and videos and complete brilliantly compiled challenges, all delivered through your own smartphones or tablets.  Great challenges, fun questions and an amazing experience - a completely unique Mobile Adventure.If you are looking for a facilitated team building scavenger hunt where we do it all, click here and we'll create and facilitate a customized hunt whenevever and wherever you want us to!